Unique Juice Company

Free On Loan Juicers


  • Fresh Orange Juice for your customers
  • Sited FREE on loan
  • No advance payments
  • Pay for Pressed Oranges Only
  • No mess & No fuss
  • Comprehensive support
  • Fresh oranges delivered to your door

The machine is sited free on loan. In fact, you won’t have to pay for anything in advance – we only charge you for oranges used after they have been pressed and the customer has paid for the delicious juice! There’s a healthy profit margin – and you can set your own pricing. Plus, we’ll deliver the highest quality fresh oranges direct to your door.

There’s no mess and no fuss – and you’ll get comprehensive support It’s easy to operate the Unique Juice machine – all you do is press a button, so it won’t take up the time of your staff. It’s quick and easy to clean, and in the unlikely event of a problem with its operation, we will repair or replace it within 24 hours.

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